Silsden Helpline to connect people with local volunteers

A new helpline has been launched to connect Silsden residents with local volunteers and services during the Coronavirus crisis.

Local residents can now make a call to 01535 400 150, where a team of call handlers working in their own homes will be able to signpost people towards organisations and services that can help them – as well as being able to task someone from a bank of local volunteers to support the caller.

The helpline is mainly aimed at those who don’t have a neighbour, friend or relative who they can ask to undertake errands or tasks for them.

It could be anything from needing food or essential supplies, to posting some mail, walking a dog or providing help topping up pre-paid electricity or gas supplies.

Ray Colling, spokesperson for the Silsden Emergency Planning Group, said: “This is what our town has been waiting for and needing during this crisis. It is an initiative run entirely by the local community for the local community, inspired by our determination that no-one, whatever their age and home circumstances, should feel isolated and abandoned by their fellow residents at this time of great anxiety. 

“Thanks to our team of skilled organisers and dedicated local volunteers, the Silsden Helpline will offer support with a whole variety of needs, from the practical to the emotional. Working and sharing together, we will meet the challenge of the coming days with greater confidence, comfort and compassion as a truly united and caring community.”

The Silsden Helpline on 01535 400 150 is open 9am till 6pm each day.

Volunteers in the town who would like to help others – either by answering helpline calls or assisting with other tasks – can also call the number to offer their services. or complete a volunteer sign-up form online.

Further information and advice for local residents is also available at

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