Volunteers help Silsden shoppers with mass unwrap

Volunteers from Plastic Free Silsden have collected 450 items of plastic waste as part of a ‘mass unwrap’ at the town’s Aldi store.

The event took place this morning (Saturday), with dozens of shoppers joining the national campaign to highlight how much plastic waste comes with the things we buy.

After customers had paid for their shopping, volunteers were on hand to help unwrap items that didn’t need to be in packaging, and put the items into paper bags or re-usable containers. Many shoppers had brought their own extra bags from home.

A total of 450 bits of packaging were collected from 56 shoppers – the items have been left with Aldi, which will recycle as much of it as possible.

Caroline Whitaker, one of the founders of Plastic Free Silsden, told SilsdenToday: “It’s all really awareness raising, not only for customers but also for the supermarkets – to keep the pressure up on them to go further in reducing the plastic packaging that they use. Nearly all of the main supermarkets have made pledges and some are going further than others. Often that’s just to change the type of plastic to make it recyclable rather than getting rid of it all together. Of the top supermarkets in this country, they produce 59 billion pieces of plastic packaging between them – that 112-thousand pieces every minute.”

SilsdenToday’s Editor Stuart Clarkson went along to take part in the ‘mass unwrap’ – you can hear how he got on in the SilsdenToday podcast, and listen to his conversation with Caroline from Plastic Free Silsden.

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